The new lifestyle essential, you never knew you needed!
Life can get a little messy on a day out. With a makeup stain here, or a little spill there… it can all leave you feeling rather embarrassed. Well, stress no longer. FAAYDE (pronounced FADE) is our specially formulated interim stain remover spray for clothes, that you can carry with you on the go!
The beauty of FAAYDE Is its PORTABILITY factor. At only 100ml per bottle, FAAYDE Is air-travel friendly and is also small enough to fit in your bag or pocket.
Unlike traditional stain removers which centre around in-home washing, FAAYDE provides you with a solution on the go, before you reach home. Just add a bit of water and a few pumps of the spray and watch that stain FAAYDE away.
Why not just use soap, you may ask?
Well… the answer is simple. Soap is not always strong enough to break down the complex molecular bonds of a stain, once it has set in. FAAYDE’s special formula has therefore been designed to tackle these tough stains and save that favourite outfit of yours!
So whilst it’s unlikely that you’ll have soap in your bag when outside, you can definitely have a bottle of the STAIN-LESS-SPRAY!