What is considered as light make-up and spills?

If you have a make-up smudge on your clothes or stains due to food and drink spills, then FAAYDE will be the perfect solution to get rid of the stain whilst outside. However, in some cases, heavily soiled liquid foundation or food stains may require a greater amount of FAAYDE to get the best results.

Does FAAYDE leave any residual marks?

Providing you have used an adequate amount of water and scrubbed the stain clean, there should be no residual marks left once dry.

Will FAAYDE remove Red Wine stains?

FAAYDE has been tested on Red Wine stains and has been successful. We suggest that you use FAAYDE to tackle the stain as soon as it happens, for best results. With OLDER Red Wine stains, it will take more effort and water to remove the stain completely. It is likely that you will need to repeat the FAAYDE washing process a few times, before seeing successful results.

Will FAAYDE remove oil stains?

Yes, FAAYDE has been trialled and tested on both old and new oil stains and was successful. On older oil stains, It may take more effort to remove the stains completely, depending on the material of the clothing.

Does FAAYDE work on old stains?

Yes! However, it is recommended that FAAYDE is used on fresh stains, to get the best results.

Which clothing materials does FAAYDE work on?

FAAYDE has been tested on an array of textiles such as: hospital/lab attire to remove blood stains, general clothing materials such as cotton, polyester, wool – and have all proven successful. We recommend that seam tests are always done before proceeding with the full application of FAAYDE, to prevent any risk of damage to clothing.

If I use FAAYDE, do I still need to put my clothes in the washing machine?

FAAYDE is an INTERIM solution, meaning that is solves the stain problem whilst you’re outside and eliminates the need for an instant wash. FAAYDE therefore removes the stain and preserves your clothes whilst you’re on the go. However, a machine wash may still be necessary in some cases.

Can FAAYDE be used on laundry?

Yes, you can also use FAAYDE as a pre-spotter on clothes before the laundry process, should you choose to.

Can’t I just use soap on my stain?

Yes, you can if you choose to. However, FAAYDE is a solution for when soap is not available, or for when the removal of tougher stains is required, due to the complex molecules that have made the stain set in.

Can I travel with FAAYDE?

Yes, you can. FAAYDE is travel-sized at 100ml, meaning it is easily portable and even suitable for air travel.

How can I get the atomiser to spray properly?

If you find that the FAAYDE liquid is not squirting properly, unscrew the head of the bottle and run the atomiser under water for few seconds. Pump the spray in the air to unclog the inner tube.

Why does my FAAYDE liquid look different in colour?

Due to the raw materials used to produce FAAYDE, there may be slight colour variations in each batch that is produced. However, we can assure you that it is still the same great FAAYDE spray.